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It wasn't all bad

Best friends get married decades after meeting in preschool

Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel.

Matt Grodsky was not a shy preschooler.

In front of his peers, Grodsky announced that he was going to marry their classmate Laura Scheel. They all started laughing, but Grodsky stood firm, responding, "Just you wait." Two decades later, Grodsky and Scheel, both now 23, said "I do" in front of their families. "She was always a girl who let me follow her around," Grodsky told Today. "I'd always try to impress her by reciting lines from movies like The Lion King and stuff like that."

They were close while attending their Phoenix preschool, but fell out of touch when they went off to different elementary schools. In high school, Scheel discovered a friend of hers had Grodsky's number stored in her phone, and after a few weeks of texting, they began to date. The rest was history — they stayed together through high school and college, with Scheel at Northern Arizona University and Grodsky at Columbia College Chicago. At the start of their senior year, Grodsky proposed in front of the preschool where they met, and Scheel said yes. They were married Dec. 30, 2016, and his uncle, who officiated the ceremony, noted that while some preschoolers just care about finding toys and snacks, "for them, it was about finding their soulmates." Catherine Garcia