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crisis in venezuela

Opposition lawmakers injured in Venezuela during clash with Maduro supporters

Opposition deputies were attacked Wednesday in Caracas by supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro armed with stones and metal tubes.

At least six lawmakers were injured, in addition to several staffers. The Maduro backers entered the National Assembly complex on Venezuela's independence day, with national guard officers watching, the Los Angeles Times reports, and opposition member Tomas Guanipa showed reporters shell casings he said came from bullets fired from the street at the assembly. Guanipa accused Maduro and his supporters of using "disproportionate violence to maintain himself in power."

Since March, at least 91 people have been killed and 2,500 injured during anti-government protests, and more than 3,000 demonstrators have been arrested. The country is dealing with a crashed economy, food shortages, and violent crime, and polls show a majority of Venezuelans oppose Maduro's push for a new constitutional convention, which will be voted on July 30.