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Edible-looking 100-year-old fruitcake recovered in Antarctica

A 100-year-old fruitcake has been recovered in Antarctica and folks, it seems basically edible. That's the latest from Antarctic Heritage Trust, which estimates the treat dates back to British explorer Robert Falcon Scott's 1910-1913 expedition to Cape Adare. "Although the tin was in poor condition, the cake itself looked and smelt (almost) edible," Antarctic Heritage Trust writes.

The discovery was made during an effort to preserve Antarctica's first buildings, constructed by Norwegians in 1899 and used by Scott on his later expedition. Program manager Lizzie Meek explained that "finding such a perfectly preserved fruitcake in amongst the last handful of unidentified and severely corroded tins was quite a surprise. It's an ideal high-energy food for Antarctic conditions, and is still a favorite item on modern trips to the ice."

If you're curious what the Antarctic fruitcake might taste like, but are looking for something a little fresher, you can still buy the brand taken to the southern continent by Scott, Huntley & Palmers, today.