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Bannon on McConnell: 'I'm going to light him up'

Stephen Bannon is clearly enjoying the freedom to speak his mind again, at least judging by an interview he gave to The Economist just two days after his departure from the White House. "In the White House, I had influence," Bannon told The Economist, but "at Breitbart, I had power."

Together again at last, Breitbart and Bannon are spoiling for a #war, and Bannon offered some insight into where his crosshairs might land:

Among the particular opponents he has in his sights, said Mr. Bannon, seated in a dining room decorated with Christian iconography and political mementos, are congressional Republicans ("Mitch McConnell, I'm going to light him up"), China ("Let's go screw up One Belt One Road"), and "the elites in Silicon Valley and Wall Street — they're a bunch of globalists who have forgotten their fellow Americans." [The Economist]

But President Trump will remain safe from Breitbart's scathing tongue and fidget spinners: "We will never turn on him," Bannon vowed. "But we are never going to let him take a decision that hurts him." Read the full interview at The Economist.