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Theresa May rebukes Trump for tweeting about the London attack: 'I never think it is helpful for anyone to speculate'

British Prime Minister Theresa May isn't pleased about President Trump's tweets regarding the Friday morning attack in London. In an interview after the fire on a London Underground train, apparently caused by the detonation of an "improvised explosive device," May doled out some very pointed advice on what constitutes an appropriate response to a suspected "terrorist incident." "I never think it is helpful for anyone to speculate in what is an ongoing investigation," May said, a stance echoed by London police.

Trump, of course, had done exactly that in his tweets Friday morning, using the attack to push his proposed travel ban on visitors from majority-Muslim countries and declaring that "loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner." He claimed these "sick and demented people" were "in the sights of Scotland Yard," which is information that Scotland Yard has not publicly shared.

May said police are still working to "discover the full circumstances of this cowardly attack and to identify all those responsible." The incident left at least 22 people injured.