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Harrison Ford, delightfully ornery, swaps jokes with Jimmy Fallon, drinks his Scotch

A Harrison Ford interview is a rare thing, but with his cover story in GQ and the new Blade Runner coming out, Ford appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday, charmingly grouchy as ever. Fallon said he'd read in the GQ interview that Ford likes drinking Scotch and telling jokes — half of which was in the article — and with an apology to his wife, Ford accepted the glass of almost unpronounceable whisky.

Fallon proposed telling jokes. "Are you Canadian?" Ford asked Fallon, who isn't. "I'm just asking because there's so many Canadians, Canadian ... humorists," Ford explained. "A lot of people think I'm Canadian, but I'm not," Fallon said. "No, no, a lot of people think you're a humorist," Ford shot back. Fallon laughed, then told a joke that Ford looked like he'd heard before, and Ford, nodding to his wife, told a cleaner one. They're both pretty good, but be sure to watch Ford's face. Peter Weber