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There is only one Jackie

5 exquisite Jackie Chan-themed objects owned by Jackie Chan

When your résumé includes actor, martial artist, stuntman, director, producer, comedian, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and singer, you officially have license to be your own biggest fan. Having mastered all of those trades, Jackie Chan is returning to his old haunts, aka Hollywood, this year with his new thriller The Foreigner.

A GQ profile published online Tuesday of the 63-year-old action star contains some truly excellent details, ranging from the controversial — like that Chan is a fervent Chinese patriot — to the delightful, like how he loves The Sound of Music. But where the revelations truly lie is in how much Jackie Chan paraphernalia Jackie Chan himself owns. After all, like any other rich person, Jackie Chan unsurprisingly possesses a vast array of strange and expensive items — but unlike all the others, only he could manage to make an outfit dedicated to himself seem charming.

Below are five Jackie Chan-themed objects currently in Jackie Chan's possession, and you can read the entire profile over at GQ. Roxie Pell

1. His own International Stunt Training Base, emblazoned with his personal logo — his first name "intertwined with the Chinese character for 'dragon'" — on the exterior of the building.

2. An equestrian statue of himself made of camera equipment used on his films.

3. An electric blue Jackie Chan-brand tracksuit, presumably for stunts.

4. Four armchairs patterned with drawings of Jackie Chan's character from the movie Wheels on Meals (a skateboarding waiter). The chairs also include drawings of the real-life Jackie Chan with his two real dogs back when they were puppies.

5. An optical illusion painting of himself doing kung fu on the edge of a rock, which tricks the viewer into thinking they are also on the edge of the rock — performing kung fu if they so choose — with Jackie Chan.