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Trevor Noah has zero pity for Rep. Tim Murphy, who terminated his career in the worst way possible

"Trust me on this: Whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, everyone will be pro-this story, because it's hilarious," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show, though Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) probably disagrees. Noah recounted the tragicomic story of Murphy, a staunchly anti-abortion married congressman who, it emerged this week, allegedly urged his mistress to have an abortion. "The same week he puts up an abortion ban, this dude's timing could not be worse," he said.

It was just a scare — the mistress wasn't really pregnant — "which makes this even funnier," Noah said. "He didn't even wait a day to confirm it before he abandoned his entire belief system? Tim Murphy would make the world's worst spy!" After running through that scenario, which involved pizza and cyanide, Noah delivered the coup de grâce, Murphy blaming his staff for writing his pro-life statements. "Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, I think we can all come together to laugh at this man," he said, noting that Murphy just tendered his resignation. "Ah, it's such a pity that Tim Murphy terminated his career before it came to term. Such a pity." He said it rather pitilessly. Watch below. Peter Weber