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Seth Meyers: Systemic sexism is everyone's problem, 'not a partisan issue'

Seth Meyers.

From Hollywood to Washington, D.C., there is a toxic culture of male entitlement and systemic sexism, Seth Meyers said on Thursday's Late Night, and it's "not a partisan issue" — there are sexual predators of all political persuasions, and men on both sides of the aisle need to speak up "and address their complicity in the system that allows these things to happen."

Meyers took a closer look at the accusations of sexual harassment against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and President Trump, and their bullying of women who came forward with the allegations. Last October, Trump called the women who accused him of sexual harassment "liars" and threatened to sue them after the election. "As we know, Donald Trump keeps all his promises," Meyers deadpanned, "so those women were sued and found guilty at a trial held right next to the finished Mexican border wall on the same day ObamaCare was repealed."

As for Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual harassment by dozens of women and rape by at least three, he's been described by a lawyer as "an old dinosaur learning new ways," but there's no way that's accurate, Meyers said. "Dinosaurs don't learn new ways, they go extinct. ... If you're a dinosaur then this is your ice age, buddy, and unlike real dinosaurs, no one is ever going to try to bring back Harvey Weinstein." Such powerful, predatory men need to stop using their status to silence and bully their victims, and "women should not be held accountable" for the bad behavior of men, Meyers said. Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia