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LEGO is turning four iconic women of NASA into minifigures

LEGO this fall is bringing four iconic women of NASA to store shelves, just in time for the holidays. Astronomer Nancy Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and astronauts Mae Jemison and Sally Ride will all be a part of LEGO's Women of NASA set arriving in stores Nov. 1.

Collectors will also be able to build the projects that made these women famous. Hamilton's model stacks giant books of flight software, Roman comes with a miniature Hubble Space Telescope, and Jemison and Ride stand beside the Space Shuttle. But one heroine is notably missing. Katherine Johnson, the physicist and mathematician featured in Hidden Figures, was part of the set's original lineup announced in February but had to be taken out of the final product. A LEGO representative told Gizmodo the company wasn't able to "obtain approval from all key people" to include Johnson in the set.

You can buy the other four NASA icons for $24.99.

It's one small step for LEGO, but one big step for womankind.