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Trevor Noah and 'God' discuss Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment settlement, bizarre blame game

Over the weekend, The New York Times reported that six months before being fired, Bill O'Reilly paid $32 million to settle sexual harassment and assault claims by a Fox News legal analyst. On Tuesday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah was flabbergasted. "$32 million? Do you know how much money that is? O'Reilly could have made his own Medea movie for that money — although if he puts on a dress, he might end up sexually harassing himself, so that's a bad idea."

O'Reilly had an explanation, though — kind of. "So let me get this straight — you have evidence, 'shocking' evidence, that would totally exonerate you, but you're not going to go to court because it will hurt your kids?" Noah recapped. "Look, I don't know about O'Reilly's kids, but if O'Reilly were my dad, I would rather he just gave me the $32 million. I can handle some bad news for $32 million."

O'Reilly hasn't produced any of that "shocking" exculpatory evidence, but his attempt to drag his female ex-coworkers into his plight backfired spectacularly with a sick burn on Twitter from Gretchen Carlson. "Bill O'Reilly is over, man, because now anyone can win an argument against him by just saying '$32 million,'" Noah said, laughing. With no one left to blame but himself, O'Reilly chose to blame a higher power. "Wow, he's mad at God?" Noah marveled. "He's mad at God for not protecting him? This is one of those times that I wish we could hear what God has to say." God (Dulcé Sloan) had a lot to say, it turns out, plus a video highlight reel of O'Reilly touting his belief in "personal responsibility." Watch below. Peter Weber