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It wasn't all bad

First she got catfished. Then she fell in love.

Emma Perrier's dating disaster had a happy ending, thanks to an unusual twist of fate. The 34-year-old French expat in London had been enjoying an online romance with a dark-haired Italian hunk named Ronaldo when she realized something was up. For months, "Ronnie" had refused to meet in person. Increasingly suspicious, Perrier did some internet sleuthing and discovered she'd been "catfished": A balding 53-year-old from Stratford-upon-Avon had used photos of Turkish model Adem Guzel in order to win Perrier's affections. Heartbroken, Perrier messaged Guzel to warn him about the impostor. They began chatting and fell in love, and have now moved in together. "My catfish became Cupid," says Perrier. Read the whole incredible story at The Atlantic.