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An adorably athletic cat burst onto the Baltimore Ravens' field midgame. Tony Romo's play-by-play was perfect.

When a random cat ran onto M&T Bank Stadium's field in the middle of the Baltimore Ravens' game against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night, CBS Sports' Tony Romo didn't miss a beat. "So look at this, Jim," Romo analyzed in the most adorable play-by-play of all time. "This is how you ran in high school."

"Exactly," Jim Nantz replied as the cat made a mad dash for the sidelines.

"Look at that," Romo marveled. "Perfect form. Extension … Look at the change in direction. Does he get both feet in right here at the end, Jim?"

The Ravens' cat was hardly the first feline to try its paw at professional sports — earlier this year, the St. Louis Cardinals' baseball team came back against the Kansas City Royals when Rally Cat blessed their field. Romo did a better job at the call than KMOX's Mike Shannon, though, who initially identified the four-footed invader as a raccoon.