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snake oil?

This is Tom Brady's unbelievable plan to play until he's 45

Tom Brady thinks he's discovered the science of invincibility. His book, The TB12 Method, claims that it is possible not just to prevent injuries, but to even "decelerate the aging process as most people experience it today." He wants to play football until he's 45, outsmarting the science of aging and concussions with "pliability."

"Famous for being unforgiving of himself when he makes mistakes, [Brady] turns out to be unforgiving of players who make the mistake of getting injured," ESPN writes, going on to quote the New England Patriots quarterback as saying: "If our bodies can handle the force, it doesn't matter what sport we play or how old we are. That's why age isn't my problem!"

Not everyone believes him — as one Twitter user put it bluntly while sharing the story, "Brady selling snake oil." Here is a glimpse at the "method" the quarterback claims is keeping him healthy into the twilight of his career:

Read the full story at ESPN and take a look at the latest cover of ESPN The Magazine, featuring an "old" Tom Brady, below. Jeva Lange