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Happy Halloween...?

Martha Stewart, skeleton enthusiast

When she's not busy writing instructions for one-pan pastas and plowing snow from her Bedford, New York, driveway, Martha Stewart apparently spends her time collecting skeletons. And no, these are not cute, cartoony skeletons you would imagine might tickle the fancy of a New England lifestyle guru: "The scarier the better," she enthused to The Wall Street Journal:

Ms. Stewart has collected skeletons "for years" and scatters about 20 human ones outdoors each Halloween. She enjoys their versatility, lounging them on patio chairs, cross-legged around light fixtures and perched in trees with their arms outstretched. Faux skeletons with a creamy bone hue, intact teeth, and anatomical accuracy are best, she says.

"I like the mouth a little bit open," she says. [The Wall Street Journal]

Extremely normal! Read the full report at The Wall Street Journal.