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Late Night Tackles Trump and Russia

Chris Matthews tells Stephen Colbert that Mueller will take down Trump. Bernie Sanders says don't count on it.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews told Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's Late Show that Monday's legal actions against three of President Trump's former campaign officials could be the beginning of the end, comparing Special Counsel Robert Mueller to a neat version of Peter Falk's Columbo character. "I think the guy's slowly going to build his case against the Trump enterprise, the entire Trump enterprise, starting with the guy who opened up relations with Russia" and moving up, he said. "It's going to be a slow, inevitable process of developing the closure between the Trump people and the Russians."

In his 50 years in journalism and politics, "I've never met a Russian, I've never had anything to do with a Russian," Matthews said, but with the Trump campaign, Russian ties turn up everywhere. "This is the strangest administration." Then Matthews and Colbert discussed, emotionally, Bobby Kennedy.

On Monday's Late Night, Sen. Bernie Sanders said that the day's indictments of Trump campaign officials were "a major step forward" in Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation, "but I worry very much about the attacks that we're seeing every day in a variety of ways, not only from the Russians, on American democracy." He mentioned Trump's attacks on the Constitution and media, corruption from weakened campaign finance laws, and Republican voter suppression efforts.

Seth Meyers suggested that Mueller's investigation won't bring down Trump anytime soon, and Sanders agreed, saying progressives should focus on "bread and butter issues," not just democracy threats. "Americans are not staying up every day worrying about Russians, Russia's interference in our election," he said. "They're wondering how they're going to be able to send their kids to college. They're worried about how they're going to be able to pay the rent." Watch below. Peter Weber