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It wasn't all bad

Man who used to be homeless now living his dream as a student at Cambridge University

Geoffrey Edwards still can't believe that after being homeless for so many years, he's now a student at Cambridge University.

The 52-year-old said he's "still getting used to the idea" that he's studying English literature at Hughes Hall. "Going to Cambridge University was a dream of mine," he told the Cambridge News. "This is what I have always wanted to do, but no one in my family had been to university, so I didn't consider it." He worked for some time as a field laborer, but eventually he couldn't find jobs and lived on the streets.

Edwards said he was stuck in "a rut," but started selling copies of The Big Issue, a newspaper distributed by homeless people. That gave him "back a bit of self-respect," he said, and soon, he was taking classes at Cambridge Regional College, which prepared him for Cambridge University. Being accepted to such a storied institution, he said, is "the first thing I am proud of in my life."