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Texas' agriculture commissioner has a problem with Nutella banana crepes, and I have a lot of questions

Sid Miller has had an eventful four years as Texas' agriculture commissioner. He has been investigated for taxpayer-funded trips. His Twitter account called Hillary Clinton a pretty inappropriate word.

And now, he's declaring war on Nutella banana crepes.

Miller made a Facebook post Thursday attacking fellow Republican Trey Blocker, who'd just announced his campaign against Miller on Wednesday afternoon. But Miller didn't target Blocker's policies or experience. He went after Blocker's breakfast choices.

It was only Miller's second time mentioning Blocker since the challenger announced his campaign, and it raises a lot of questions.

1. How did Miller know these were Nutella banana crepes?

The dish in question is partly obstructed by Blocker's head, and could've easily been "hella" banana crepes.

2. Is Ted Nugent behind this post?

The rocker-turned-Trump-diehard endorsed Miller when he ran for agriculture secretary four years ago. Now, Nugent is Miller's campaign chair. Makes you think.

3. Is a dish served at IHOP really that confusing?

Because that's another place you can find Nutella banana crepes.

4. What makes a crepe so much fancier than a cinnamon bun pancake?

Miller's Facebook page is flooded with jokes, cartoons, words, etc. "of the day." Thursday's "recipe of the day" was cinnamon bun pancakes — a true Texas staple you'd never find at some "yuppie" restaurant?

5. Why is Miller so obsessed with breakfast food?

Wait, that's not a question at all.