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Seth Meyers would like to explain to Donald Trump Jr. what attorney-client privilege is

Seth Meyers talks Don Jr.

During eight hours of testimony to the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. said he couldn't go into detail on a conversation he had with his father, citing attorney-client privilege. Seth Meyers, citing common sense, took issue with this on Thursday's Late Night.

Trump Jr. was referring to discussions he had with President Trump over the summer, after it was revealed that in June 2016, he met with Kremlin-linked Russians in Trump Tower. Trump Jr. first tried to make it seem like an innocuous get together, but it later came out that he agreed to the meeting after being promised damaging information. Trump Jr. told the committee since there was a lawyer in the room when he talked to his dad, everything he said is subject to attorney-client privilege. "That's not how it works," Meyers said. "Don Jr.'s the kind of guy who, if he heard his college roommate hooking up with someone in their dorm, would run into the hallways and yell, 'I just had a threesome!'"

Meyers also touched on the other big news of the day — Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) resigning after several women accused him of sexual harassment. Democrats called on him to step down, in contrast to the Republican National Committee and Trump throwing their support behind GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct while they were teens and he was in his early 30s. "Sexual harassment should be nonpartisan," Meyers said, but when Kellyanne Conway is involved, up is down and there's strange talk about apples and bananas — watch the video below to find out why she invoked fruit in an argument during a recent CNN appearance. Catherine Garcia