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The Trump campaign is asking supporters to rank reports as 'fake news,' 'faker news,' or 'fakest news'

The Trump campaign sent out an email Thursday asking supporters to rank news stories from CNN, Time, and ABC News as either "fake news," "faker news," or "fakest news," Axios reports. The news story that receives the most votes will be crowned "the 2017 KING of Fake News Trophy winner," the email explains.

A fourth option, "other," requests a respondent specify why the story isn't "fake," "faker," or "fakest" news.

All the stories in the poll were ultimately corrected by the organization that published them, Axios notes. ABC News erroneously claimed that President Trump told former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials while still a candidate, although he'd done so as president-elect. Time mistakenly reported Trump had a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. removed from the Oval Office. And CNN reported that Trump and his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., were given exclusive access to WikiLeaks documents, although at that time the documents were in fact available to the public.