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It wasn't all bad

Massachusetts town names 92-year-old who was mugged Queen for a Day

Doris Prendiville loves a good party, even if it's for a "wacky" reason.

The 92-year-old was mugged last month while walking home from a CVS in Quincy, Massachusetts, which left her with a fractured sternum. The town rallied around Prendiville, and to celebrate her recovery, decided to make her Queen for a Day. "We're just trying to show that Quincy has more kindness than what she endured," salon owner Ron Affsa told The Boston Globe. "And she knows that, she's from here."

Prendiville was Queen for a Day on Wednesday, and started the festivities off with a haircut, followed by a nap. Her personal driver then drove her to a Mediterranean steak house, getting her there quickly, thanks to a police escort. Nearly 100 people, all holding cutouts of her face, greeted Prendiville, who laughed all the attention off. "People are really hungry for a party," she said. It was all "so wacky for an ordinary person," but it's a "fun wacky. If I'm necessary to make a party, then I'm all set." Two people have been arrested in connection with the mugging.