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Talking about the weather

Most of the U.S. will be below freezing all day Tuesday

Many parts of the Midwest rang in the new year with record-low temperatures on Monday, and Tuesday won't provide much relief. The National Weather Service has issued wind chill advisories from Texas to New England on Tuesday, and temperatures in more than half of the U.S. won't get up to 32 degrees, CBS News meteorologist Danielle Niles reports. Temperatures will rise moderately in much of the country on Wednesday, though Minneapolis will drop to a high of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and a storm brewing off the East Coast may deliver several inches of snow from coastal South Carolina to New England.

The extreme cold spell is dangerous, but if you have ever wanted to watch ice floating down the Mississippi River in Missouri or frozen fountains in Arkansas from the warmth and safety of your own home or office, it looks like 2018 is your year. Peter Weber