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The Justice Department is reportedly looking into Hillary Clinton's emails again

Hillary Clinton apparently can't escape the "deep state."

The Daily Beast reported Thursday that the Department of Justice has taken an interest in a familiar subject — the infamous email server of the former Democratic presidential candidate and her alleged bungling of classified information.

Citing a source close to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, The Daily Beast claims that the Justice Department wants to know how those tasked with investigating Clinton's private email server went about their probe. DOJ officials are also reportedly interested in tallying the classified material contained in her emails and finding out "who put that information into an unclassified environment," The Daily Beast says. Before Clinton was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the FBI in July 2016, the former secretary of state claimed that many of the emails on her server were classified after the fact or that she was unaware of which "headers" denoted that an email was classified.

Clinton's emails are a favorite grievance of President Trump, who has repeatedly called for his erstwhile political rival to be investigated again. As such, people within the DOJ are reportedly concerned that Trump's vocal tweets on the matter could cause the impression that the law enforcement agency is only doing the president's bidding. An unnamed former DOJ official even suggested to The Daily Beast that it was "an open question" if this inquiry would occur "without a political directive from the White House."

The Justice Department would not comment on the reported inquiry to The Daily Beast.

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