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Late Night Tackles Trump and Bannon

Stephen Colbert digs deeper into the Fire and Fury storm buffeting Trump's White House

"There is a whopper of a storm hitting the East Coast right now," Stephen Colbert said on Thursday's Late Show. "There hasn't been such an aggressive onslaught of white since Trump took office." Meteorologists have named the storm Winter Storm Grayson, he added, "making it the first storm ever named after a child throwing a tantrum in line at Whole Foods."

Grayson has moved its tantrum farther off the East Coast than forecasters expected, Colbert said, pivoting, "possibly because it didn't want to compete with the s--tstorm in Washington, D.C., thanks to all the juicy revelations in the new book about the Trump presidency, Fire and Fury — not to be confused with Omarosa's new book, Fired and Furious."

The White House is furious about the book, saying it's both filled with lies and threatening to sue for breach of confidentiality agreement by Stephen Bannon. "Well, which is it? Is he lying, or is he disclosing confidential information?" Colbert asked. Bannon has caught "holy hell" for his quotes, losing candidates he endorsed and his biggest financial backer, Colbert noted, and "even the alt-right is turning its back on Steve Bannon. It's true — they're so embarrassed of Bannon that a lot of the alt-right have started covering their faces with hoods."

"Of course, it's not just Bannon," he said. "This book is loaded with the dish, including details of Donald and Melania's bedroom habits — don't change the channel, it's not what you think." After discussing Trump's reported burgers-in-bed and separate rooms with Melania, Colbert ended with a jab at Trump's appearance — on TV screens — at Thursday's White House press briefing. "He's appearing on a video screen even though he's 50 feet down the hallway!" he protested. "That is just pure dictator behavior. But, if he's gonna do it, at least use it to give Sarah Huckabee Sanders' answers some context." Since Trump didn't, The Late Show did. Watch below. Peter Weber