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GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher spent 8 minutes scolding a CNN anchor for interrupting him

Dana Rohrabacher and CNN anchor.

CNN's Ana Cabrera got more than she bargained for when she had Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) on her show Friday morning, ostensibly to talk about his vehement opposition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' threat to legal marijuana. The interview, though, quickly derailed as Cabrera tried to fact-check and offer viewers clarifications. "Maybe somebody who is your guest should be able to say a few words," Rohrabacher complained.

As the interview progressed, Rohrabacher began to openly criticize Cabrera. At one point, as Cabrera tried to clarify who has pleaded guilty so far in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe, Rohrabacher said: "Please, you might let me make my point before you interrupt me and try to refute me. This isn't a news operation. This what is the president is upset about."

Later, when Rohrabacher again chided Cabrera — "It's also not good to interrupt people when they're trying to make a point when you're a news person," he said — Cabrera apologized, adding: "I mean you no disrespect, sir."

"No disrespect?" Rohrabacher went off. "But I've got no respect. No disrespect? You don't respect Trump, you don't respect people who disagree with you politically, and that's why the news media, which has an agenda, drives special prosecutors." Watch the bonkers interview below. Jeva Lange