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2018 Grammys

James Corden ropes Sting and Shaggy into an ill-advised 'Subway Car-pool Karaoke' bit for the Grammys

New York City isn't Los Angeles, and subway riders don't want to hear you sing — not even if "you" is Sting, Shaggy, and James Corden, who brought his "Carpool Karaoke" bit to New York when he hosted Sunday night's Grammys. The "Subway Car-pool Karaoke" segment played during the Grammys, where it got a warmer reaction than when Corden, Shaggy, and Sting filmed it on the subway — not a high bar to clear. The clip might best be described as a bit of cinéma-vérité — a staged performance that was true enough to seem real.

It's not like they don't have cars in New York — see Seinfeld, Jerry, coffee, and comedians.