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Special Elections

Democrats pick up seat in Missouri district that went all in for Trump

The preliminary results from Missouri's special election are in, and a red seat in a Trump stronghold has flipped to blue.

In one of four elections in the state on Tuesday, Democrat Mike Revis, a 27-year-old procurement manager at Anheuser-Busch Inbev, defeated Republican David Linton, 59, by 3 percentage points. In 2016, President Trump won Jefferson County, home to Revis' 97th District, by 28 points.

This is the 35th state legislative seat that has gone from Republican to Democrat since Trump became president, HuffPost reports, while the GOP has flipped four seats from blue to red. All four of the seats up for grabs on Tuesday in Missouri had been held by Republicans, with the GOP keeping control of two; the fourth race is still too close to call.