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Pruitt will consider mingling with the riffraff in the back of the plane

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is considering "alternate ways" to fly on airplanes beyond first class, he told CBS News.

To date, Pruitt has been globetrotting with a "blanket waiver to fly in first or business class" after claiming that he is the victim of random passengers yelling profanities at him. That justification has drawn some skepticism, in part because there is no reason why Pruitt would not also be yelled at in first class, and also because the average Joe probably has no idea what Scott Pruitt even looks like.

Pruitt vowed "there's a change coming" and that he is investigating alternatives "up to and including flying coach, and that's going to happen on my very next flight." There is no word on if he will consider staying in anything less than a luxury hotel, as well.