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The Daily Showdown

Trevor Noah narrates Sam Nunberg going mad on live TV. Jordan Klepper insists Nunberg's a mad genius.

President Trump's chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, quit on Tuesday, "so I think at this point the White House staff is just John Kelly and a fax machine that Jared isn't allowed to use," Trevor Noah joked on Tuesday's Daily Show. "Forget the White House, if an Applebee's lost this many people, I'd think twice about eating there." But while you can run from Trump, you can't hide. If you've ever worked for Trump, Special Counsel Robert Mueller "is a daytime horror movie," Noah said. "He's methodically picking off your friends one-by-one, but only from 9 to 5."

Mueller's latest victim is former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg, "who was so freaked out when he got a subpoena from Mueller that he went on national television and lost his goddamned mind," Noah said. Nunberg dared Mueller to arrest him, decided to "tell everyone that he was not a snitch, and then he started snitching." Noah noted that in Trump's world it's the men, not the women, who snitch, but "even for a Trump associate, Nunberg's appearances were extremely erratic." He showed ample proof.

Sam Nunberg did not melt down, Jordan Klepper protested at The Opposition. "The MSM doesn't get it, but they never do: Our guys don't melt down, they melt up, like a space candle. Even Fox missed the mark." Nunberg "wasn't 'possibly drunk,' he was definitely drunk," Klepper said, and he wasn't a "bit player" in Trump's campaign. "Sam Nunberg's a genius," he said. "Sure, Trump gets all the credit, but when the history books are written, and then they're burned and rewritten by the winners, Sam Nunberg is going to have his own chapter. You see, Sam Nunberg is the architect of America First, the maestro of MAGA — he's way too smart to do anything dumb. Which means yesterday's media blitz must have been a genius tactical move." You can watch Klepper piece that together below. Peter Weber