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Late Night Tackles Trump and Russia

Fox & Friends dubbed the Trump-Russia files the 'dirty dossier,' and Stephen Colbert's dossier runs with it

In a strange confluence of shared interest, Fox News and late-night TV have both glommed on to the most salacious and least likely to be corroborated part of the dossier former British spy Christopher Steele compiled on President Trump and Russia. So of course Stephen Colbert's Late Show noticed when the hosts of Fox & Friends started calling the Steele dossier the "dirty dossier," presumably a reference to the unsubstantiated allegation involving prostitutes and urine. A blander and more corporate dossier might be offended at being labeled "dirty," but Colbert's anthropomorphized dossier — which speaks using only words and phrases found in the dossier — took the slight and ran with it, stand-up comedy style. Watch below. Peter Weber