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Trump's lawyer demands apology from Stormy Daniels for 60 Minutes appearance

President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has sent adult film star Stormy Daniels a cease and desist letter and demanded an apology after she appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday to discuss her alleged affair with Trump, Fox News reports. Through his lawyer, Cohen took issue with Daniels' insinuation that he was responsible for her being threatened to stay silent by an anonymous man in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011. Cohen's lawyer also demanded Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, ensure his client stop making "false and defamatory statements about Cohen."

Avenatti has issued a threat of his own. "Tonight is not the end," Avenatti tweeted Sunday. "It's the beginning." On 60 minutes, Avenatti additionally said that the important part of the story "is about the cover-up, this is about the extent that Mr. Cohen and the president have gone to intimidate this woman, to silence her, to threaten her, and to put her under their thumb."

60 Minutes celebrated its highest rating in 10 years — since Barack and Michelle Obama's first post-election interview — thanks to the Stormy Daniels interview, CNN reports. Read why Daniels' story matters here at The Week.