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The Daily Showdown

The Daily Show and The Opposition both attend the March for Our Lives, hash out America's gun debate

"This weekend, the kids from the George Soros–funded #NeverAgain movement took their childish message of living to adulthood to D.C.," Jordan Klepper deadpanned at The Opposition, reporting from Saturday's March for Our Lives. "The turnout for the March for Our Lives rally was sure to be as small as the activists themselves," he added, and news reports of more than a million people marching across the country was just "misinformation" from "MSNBC to ABC to The Daily Show." Klepper exchanged a few friendly insults with The Daily Show's Desi Lydic, then went back to earnestly fake-trolling the kids — and their parents and grandparents — using memes and other tools of "youth culture."

Lydic also played the fool by trying to fit in with the kids, but after playfully elbowing Klepper, she employed her own kind of trolling of America's high schoolers. Since America's grown-ups have "failed at enacting any change" on guns, she said, adults now "have to count on the next generation to solve all the rest of our difficult problems." Lydic proceeded to pass out issues like North Korea, immigration reform, and Middle East peace for students to work their "teen magic" on.

Trevor Noah was more effusive in recapping the rally and setting up Lydic's report. "The largest youth-led protest — give it up for those kids," he said. "Look at all those kids — it's like a Roy Moore fantasy come to life." But the teens didn't just throw "the most productive house party ever," with hundreds of thousands showing up, he said. They also "called those people to action." Of course, "not everyone is totally on board with this movement," Noah added, pointing Rick Santorum, the former GOP senator who essentially argued on TV that "citizens asking their lawmakers to make laws is just them passing the buck." You can watch him imagine Santorum as a 911 operator and more below. Peter Weber