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S.E. Cupp begs Melania Trump not to repeat Hillary Clinton's 'mistake'

HLN host S.E. Cupp begged first lady Melania Trump to set an example for "a generation of young girls" and divorce her husband, President Trump, in an op-ed published Tuesday at the New York Daily News.

Cupp likens the current situation — in which Donald Trump stands accused of having an affair with an adult film star in 2006, while married to Melania — to reports of former President Bill Clinton's affairs in 1992. "Over those years, Hillary [Clinton] became for me what she became for many women — the literal definition of 'Stand by Your Man,'" Cupp argues. "While feminists trotted her out as a role model for strong women, all I saw was a woman who was humiliated time and again and, for reasons either personal or political, decided to take it."

Cupp goes on to claim that Melania should not "repeat Hillary's mistake" by staying with her husband. "While it's hard to imagine she didn't know who she married, she's also just a woman, wife, and mother like the rest of us," Cupp writes. "There's a real person in there, and she must be reeling."

Melania Trump is reportedly "quite enjoying" her "spring break" at Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, while her husband returned to Washington, D.C., this weekend, a spokesperson said. Read Cupp's full argument for why Melania Trump should get a divorce at the New York Daily News here.