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It wasn't all bad

Bride-to-be accidentally sends invitation to the wrong address, gets back a heartfelt response

Cassandra Warren didn't realize she had put the wrong address on the wedding invitation she sent to her aunt and uncle in Eugene, Oregon, until she received a sweet note and gift from a total stranger.

The person who accidentally received her aunt and uncle's invitation sent Warren and her fiancé, Jesse Jones, a $20 bill along with her well wishes, writing: "I wish I knew you — this is going to be a blast. Congratulations — go have dinner on me. I've been married for 40 years — it gets better with age." Warren told The Washington Post she had been stressed out over work and was upset when she opened the envelope. "It was kind of perfect timing," she said. "I was really grateful for it."

Warren and Jones, who will wed in June, used the $20 to take their friend in the military, about to go overseas, out to dinner. Warren also wrote a quick note back to the kind stranger, telling her, "I am thankful for people like you still being in the world."