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Is Trump in hiding?

President Trump has not been seen in public in five straight days, with Wednesday marking "the fourth workday in a row that Trump has two hours or less of presidential duties on his official schedule, and none open to his press poll," writes CNBC's Christina Wilkie. While Trump emerged from the White House on Tuesday night to visit the private residence of a donor, real estate developer Giuseppe Cecchi, it was not part of the president's official duties, The New York Times writes.

Trump's unusually low profile comes as adult film star Stormy Daniels aired details of their alleged affair on 60 Minutes on Sunday. His wife, Melania, is similarly spending a low-profile week in Florida, separate from her husband, a spokesperson confirmed.

Trump has found time to tweet, though, writing Wednesday morning that "THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED" and that he is looking forward to his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. At the time of publication, Trump is still scheduled to appear in Ohio on Thursday to promote his infrastructure plan.