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Massachusetts Republican hopes Sean Spicer can help him raise money to unseat Elizabeth Warren

A Republican state representative from Massachusetts has invited Sean Spicer to come to Boston, letting supporters know that if they open up their wallets and fork over $250, they'll have the chance to hear Spicer talk.

The former White House press secretary will be the featured speaker at an April 12 fundraiser for state Rep. Geoff Diehl at the Union Oyster House. Diehl, President Trump's 2016 campaign co-chairman in Massachusetts, is one of several Republicans who want to take on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), up for re-election this November. Warren started 2018 off with more than $14 million in her campaign account, The Associated Press reports, so Diehl had better cross his fingers, toes, and eyes that supporters want to listen to Spicer speak.