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Kellyanne Conway cryptically vows, 'One day I will have my say'

On the heels of author Ronald Kessler's allegations on Sunday's State of the Union that Kellyanne Conway "is the No. 1 leaker" in the administration, Conway cryptically vowed on Fox & Friends that "one day I will have my say." She made the comment partially in rejection of Kessler's allegations, stating, "I'm a very public face here, what I think is out there."

She did hint that not quite everything is out there yet, though. "Leakers get great press," she said. "I got a lot of texts and emails yesterday saying, 'Wow, I feel so left out, you never tell me anything.' Leakers get great press, and one day, Abby, I will have my say. I have a very, very fascinating — I will have my say, I really keep my counsel while I'm here because I work in the White House, I'm a government employee, I'm blessed and privileged to be here."

Pray tell, Kellyanne! Watch below. Jeva Lange