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Jimmy Kimmel invites three spelling bee kids to try to misspell words in the exact way Trump does

On Monday's Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel hosted a "Make America Grate Again Spelling Bee," inviting on three spelling bee champions from the Los Angeles area, one each from fourth, fifth, and sixth grade.

"You're all familiar with spelling bees, but this is not an ordinary spelling bee," Kimmel told the young contestants. "This spelling bee is presidential, which means you'll be asked to spell the words I give you not the way the liberal, leftist dictionary spells them, but rather the way our president does." The other difference, Kimmel said, is that this bee is for more than just bragging rights — it's for cash, $100 for each word spelled wrong correctly. Which, it turns out, is really hard. But even if not much money changed hands, the expressions on the children's faces when they see how President Trump spelled a word is, as they say, priceless. Peter Weber