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last night on late night

Seth Meyers point-counterpoint segment devolves into an on-point action movie brawl

"It's important to remember there are two sides to every news story," Seth Meyers said on Tuesday's Late Night, and "to make sure you get to see important issues from all sides, we've invited two of our writers who have very different points of view; we will examine their opinions in a segment we call 'Point-Counterpoint.'" The writers, Ally Hord and Amber Ruffin, didn't so much have differing opinions as different ways of framing issues. Hord, for example, found Trump's transgender military ban "another one of Trump's distracting stunts," while Ruffin said she loves stunts, describing an action-movie stunt fight. That description became germane after Hord threw up her hands at the end of the next issue, the banal violence of our political leaders.

Watch through to the metaphor-heavy fight sequence, which even had its own, Late Night-specific catchphrase, delivered by Ruffin: "Take a closer look at this, bitch!" Peter Weber