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Dreams memes

Fleetwood Mac is back at the top of the charts — thanks to a meme

The internet is capable of catapulting people to stardom — even if those people are already famous.

More than 40 years after Fleetwood Mac achieved success with their 1977 single "Dreams," the group is back at the top of the charts because of a meme.

The meme, shared by Twitter user bottledfleet, paired "Dreams" with a clip of a dance group, proving once and for all that Fleetwood Mac's music is dance-worthy. More than 131,000 users retweeted the meme. The viral tweet prompted 2,000 new downloads of "Dreams," reports Billboard, and 1.9 million new streams — a 24 percent spike.

No word yet on how many retweets would reunite lead singer Stevie Nicks and lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.