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Fox & Friends says Jimmy Kimmel's Melania Trump impression was 'racist'

In a drastic tonal shift, Fox & Friends suddenly decided to stand up for immigrant rights — or at least, one immigrant's rights.

A Thursday morning segment addressed Jimmy Kimmel's coverage of the White House Easter Egg Roll, declaring the late night host's impression of Melania Trump borderline "racist." Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt and contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy were specifically not pleased that Kimmel poked fun at the first lady's accent while reading a book to children at the event.

"To be mocked for your foreign accent when you worked so hard to learn the language feels like a dagger to the heart," said Campos-Duffy. Earhardt put herself in the shoes of an immigrant trying to learn another language, and said that Trump should be praised for all her hard work.

The two compared media coverage of Trump to that of former first lady Michelle Obama, saying that late night hosts would have never "roasted" or "attacked" a member of the Obama family in this way.

"If he had done this to Michelle Obama," said Earhardt, "wouldn't everyone in the mainstream media ... if he were conservative, [say] he is a racist?" Kimmel was out of line with his impression, Campos-Duffy agreed, claiming it was evidence that liberals "only like a certain type of immigrant." Watch the exchange below, via Fox News. Summer Meza