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Ashley Judd is suing Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment, defamation

Actress Ashley Judd filed a lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles County against Harvey Weinstein, accusing the disgraced former producer of sexual harassment, defamation, and retaliation.

In her lawsuit, Judd says Weinstein invited her to a breakfast meeting at a Beverly Hills hotel room about 20 years ago, and greeted her in only a bathrobe. He asked her for a massage and to watch him shower, the suit claims, and when she refused, he told Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings movies, that Judd was a "nightmare to work with" and needed to be avoided "at all costs." Late last year, Jackson told a New Zealand media outlet that this conversation took place.

A spokesman for Weinstein denied the allegations and claimed Weinstein "championed her work" and approved Judd for casting in two of his movies, 2002's Frida and 2009's Crossing Over. Judd first came forward with the allegations against Weinstein last year, when she spoke with The New York Times.