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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers slyly agree Michelle Wolf is 'filthy' and mean, mock Trump for taking umbrage

Michelle Wolf's jokes at Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner drew sharp criticism from President Trump and his allies but also some pearl-clutching from the White House press corps. On Monday night, two of Wolf's former bosses, Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers, rolled their eyes. Noah went for understated sarcasm.

"We have a lot of laughs here at The Daily Show, but comedy isn't just about jokes," Noah deadpanned. "It's also about being polite and respecting authority." He broke character for a moment — "Michelle roasted these people so hard they wanted police protection? Like, 'Why isn't the Secret Service jumping in front of those jokes?'" — but then snapped back. "It's not funny, because Michelle should have had the decency not to comment on women's appearances in any way, shape, or form. She's a comedian, for God's sake, not the president."

Noah played some clips of Trump insulting multiple women, and White House aides excusing Trump's insults as jokes, then, to mockingly show that "comedians should be held to a higher standard" than Trump, he pretended to fire Wolf, four months after she left The Daily Show.

On Late Night, Meyers thanked Trump for bringing up his own 2011 WHCD roast and didn't disagree with Trump's attacks. "Michelle Wolf doesn't need anyone to defend her, but she is our friend, so just know when you call her filthy, you are right: She is filthy and she is mean," he said. "Those are wonderful qualities for comedians and terrible qualities for free-world leaders." Wolf "uses every part of the First Amendment," Meyers said, wagging a finger at disapproving journalists, but as her friend, "I can't stress this enough: Michelle is so mean. I was her boss and she made the meanest jokes about me all the time. She's been gone for two years, but I still jump when I see a redhead on the street." Watch below. Peter Weber