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D.C. bald eagles named Mr. President and The First Lady welcome eaglet

The First Family — well, the bald eagle version — welcomed its newest member this week.

The National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., is home to a pair of bald eagles named Mr. President and The First Lady. They already have five offspring, and another healthy eaglet hatched live on the American Eagle Foundation's D.C. Eagle Cam on Monday. Instead of a patriotic name like Liberty or Justice for All, the eaglet will be called DC6.

The tiny eagle is expected to gain about half a pound to a pound every week until it is 10 weeks old, and by the time it's three weeks old, its beak will be nearly the size of an adult's, USA Today reports. DC6 won't be the youngest member of the family for long — Mr. President and The First Lady have another egg that is expected to hatch sometime this week. Watch a video of DC6's hatching below. Catherine Garcia