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Southwest plane makes emergency landing after window cracks

Just two weeks after a Southwest Airlines plane suffered an engine failure, resulting in a passenger's death, another Southwest jet has suffered physical damage in-flight and had to be diverted.

Flight 957, originally slated to fly from Chicago to New Jersey, was rerouted to land in Cleveland on Wednesday after one of its windows cracked, The Washington Post reported. Only "one layer in a multi-layered window pane" was cracked, ABC News explained, causing the flight to stop in Cleveland for maintenance.

Luckily, despite the danger, the plane "landed uneventfully," Southwest said in a statement, and no passengers were injured. The plane was taken out of service and the 76 passengers were rerouted via a different flight to New Jersey's Newark airport.

Read more about the unexpected diversion at The Washington Post, and see pictures of the cracked window below. Shivani Ishwar