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3 CBS staffers sue Charlie Rose for sexual harassment

The next bombshell in Charlie Rose's disgraceful saga has landed. Three CBS staffers have sued the former network host, detailing graphic accounts of discrimination and sexual harassment, TMZ first reported.

Sydney McNeal — Rose's former personal assistant — and Katherine Brooks Harris say in the suit they were hired because Rose liked tall women. Rose reportedly encouraged the women to become lovers and constantly caressed them, per TMZ. Another plaintiff, Yuqing "Chelsea" Wei, says Rose repeatedly threw racial slurs and insults at her.

An ex-intern for Rose's PBS show also shared her story of his demeaning abuse in The New York Review of Books on Friday. Reah Bravo shared a disgusting account of plunging the toilet in Rose's home, and mentions that his "secret" behavior was actually "as reliably open as a Waffle House."

These women's stories just add to the chorus of accusations against Rose. Eight women first accused Rose of sexual harassment back in November, which led to his suspension and eventual firing from CBS and PBS. On Thursday, 27 more women joined the growing mountain of evidence.

CBS asked Rose about these wrongdoings last year, and he simply denied that they were "wrongdoings" at all. When the initial batch of allegations was reported by The Washington Post, he was more contrite, acknowledging that he had "behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that."