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There is no secret chamber in King Tut's tomb after all

After examining detailed scans and cross-checking results, researchers at the University of Turin made a disappointing announcement: King Tutankhamen's tomb does not contain a hidden chamber.

In 2015, English archaeologist Nicholas Reeves published a paper called "The Burial of Nefertiti," and in it, he claimed King Tut's tomb, which is on the smaller side, was actually designed for Queen Nefertiti, whose remains have never been found. Reeves came up with his theory after looking at scans of the tomb and seeing traces of doors beneath the plaster, BBC News reports.

Based on this, Egyptian authorities said they were "90 percent sure" that there was a secret room in the tomb. Researchers at the University of Turin looked at new penetrating radar scans and determined that the hidden room just doesn't exist. "It is maybe a little bit disappointing that there is nothing behind the walls of Tutankhamen's tomb, but I think on the other hand that this is good science," said Dr. Francesco Porcelli, head of the research team. Egypt's antiquities minister said he accepts the results.