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It wasn't all bad

First grader checks on elderly neighbor '4 to 5 times a day' to make sure she's okay

Wilma Bray just might have the best neighbor in all of Jackson, Tennessee.

Every day, rain or shine, Bray's neighbor, 7-year-old Caleb, stops by her house to make sure everything's okay. Bray, 78, has been fighting breast and lung cancer for the last two years, and she's undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Her granddaughter, Darrien Middleton, says Caleb visits Bray "four or five times a day," and told her it's so he can "check on her, to make sure she wakes up from all of her naps."

Caleb, who lives next door with his own grandmother, "is a wonderful kid," Middleton told Yahoo. "Most kids running around at that age aren't visiting a 78-year-old woman." Bray is "obsessed" with Caleb, who enjoys school, dancing, and making people laugh," Middleton added. "She treats him like her grandson."