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Stephen Colbert asks CNN's Jake Tapper why he bothers having Kellyanne Conway on his show

Stephen Colbert reminded Jake Tapper, his guest on Thursday's Late Show, that it was the one-year anniversary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's appointment to investigate Russian collusion and the Trump campaign. "One full year — which, by my calculations, 36 and a half Scaramuccis," Tapper agreed. Colbert noted that President Trump "is still calling this 'Witch Hunt,'" and Tapper said yes, and "they've caught a few witches, by the way. There have been a few witch indictments."

Colbert asked if Rudy Giuliani is right that all Mueller can do is "write a report," and Tapper said sure, but that "report" could lead to criminal charges. Colbert said he'd be happy with a report. "What kind of report are you looking for?" Tapper asked. "The truth. ... I want somebody to say what actually happened," Colbert said. "I mean, Donald Trump will come and Donald Trump will go — I think we learned that from Stormy," he joked, but "knowing what the truth was" may at least add "some sort of ethical or moral spine to this moment."

Tapper one-upped him: "You want the truth about Russia and possible collusion — I would just like the truth and facts to be respected again in this country." Okay, "let me ask you about how that feels, then, to have people on TV who aid and abet with the corrosion of that information?" Colbert asked. "Kellyanne Conway — why have her on TV? She is a collection of deceptions with a blonde wig stapled on top." Tapper didn't disagree, exactly, but he said he thinks "sometimes it's worth it to have people on so you can challenge the very notion of the facts that are being disregarded and the lies that are being told."

They went on to talk about Tapper's new novel, The Hellfire Club, plus the echoes of Joe McCarthy, the sexy scene, and Tapper's unfortunate "superpower," which he demonstrated on Colbert. Watch below. Peter Weber