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Watch Russian journalists react to the revelation their colleague wasn't murdered after all

When Russian war correspondent Arkady Babchenko turned up at a press conference on Wednesday, looking very much alive despite previous reports that he had been shot dead, the crowd applauded in astonishment.

Babchenko's colleagues, however, were way beyond astonishment when they learned he had faked his death, erupting into cheers when the supposedly-dead journalist showed up on TV. Not even Babchenko's own wife knew about the plan, which Babchenko revealed by apologizing to her on-air. Babchenko was only pretending to have died as a part of a plot to capture assassins who were after him, The Associated Press reports.

Fellow journalists reacted emotionally to the fact that Babchenko hadn't really been killed for criticizing the Russian government, something that The Guardian notes has become something of a pattern. Watch the reaction below, via Radio Svoboda. Summer Meza